Top 10 reputable website design companies in Ho Chi Minh City

Nowadays, consumers become interested in online shopping through e-commerce sales sites or sales websites. Therefore, many businesses choose website development as a way of marketing products to target customers as well as potential customers using the internet. So how to design professional website to attract customers? Which web design company is reputable today for you to trust cooperation? Let’s refer to the article about the top 10 **website design companies in Ho Chi Minh City below by Biti Hightech

1. BITI Technology and Trading Company – website design company in HCMC

  • Hotline: 091.553.1379 VND

From the early days of establishment, BITI has always oriented to become the leading website design company in the industry. After many years in this field, we confidently say that BITI is now closer to that goal than ever before. In Nha Trang, BITI is gradually asserting its position as a big man in this website design service industry.

BITI is a company specializing in communication, website design and application, helping customers bring their brands, products and services to consumers. Coming to BITI, you can use the best services, and the most competitive prices in the market.

With a staff of rejuvenation, always creative in design, technical consultants and professional instructors. Web technology is constantly updated by the team, as well as design trends. BITI will surely be a great partner that you should consider among many website design companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, BITI also has other related services such as:

  • Mobile App Design
  • Robot Application Design
  • SEO services
  • Website Care
  • Logo & Banner Design

Besides, a great advantage of BITI compared to other businesses is the ability to work with a wide range of customers. Whether you are in Vietnam, or you are in Europe, America, etc., for BITI geographical distance is not a problem. The proof is that the company has many projects that are worked 100% online but still bring the same effect offline as: Nail web project chain in Europe; or Viet Express restaurant projects in Germany;…So if you’re not in HCMC, that’s okay too.

Besides, BITI is also one of the pioneers in designing websites with VR and 360-degree applications in order to bring customers leading technology websites, maximizing the real space experience.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Experienced dev team, high quality, hand coding all products
  • Advanced website design with difficult features that require high technical skills
  • Website meets 3 big criteria: Search engine optimization, linking with social networks, order conversion rate
  • Free hosting, domain name comes with design services
  • Simple, optimized process, saving customers time
  • High security because the dev team completely self-codes the website based on 2D image design
  • Friendly on all devices (phone, laptop, tablet, …)
  • Each website will have a video tutorial to help customers as soon as they have problems
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