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2023-08-26: Add working Yahoo! suggest URLs from @Barruel and @Pathduck, including language-specific suggest URLs. Update default engines with strings per latest 6.1.3035.302. Most engines now contain {referral} variable instead of the old hardcoded information. Neeva move out of default search engines section. Yelp move into default search engines section.
2023-01-07: Add Brave, You suggest URLs from @JonesBones
2022-10-11: Update suggest URL per @wudini
2022-10-06: Add Spotify (no suggest URL though)
2022-03-28: Add Swisscows from @bizarro and :prohibited: for suggest URLs which Vivaldi does not currently support
2021-12-17: Fix broken LinkedIn, add Siemens Industry Online Support Forums
2021-12-09: Update to Vivaldi’s new default Bing, Yahoo, Startpage, and Neeva URLs; add Marginalia Search, Siemens Industry Online Support, Siemens Industry Mall, and Intel ARK (Automated Relational Knowledgebase), Update SMC USA and add note that Wolfram|Alpha suggestURL isn’t currently supported by Vivaldi
2020-07-10: Add Digi-Key, SMC USA, and Rockwell Automation
2020-06-15: Add Balluff
2020-06-03: Remove Qwant from default Vivaldi search engines, add suggest URLs from Pathduck including YouTube, Startpage, Wolfram|Alpha, Finn, and Torrentz2.
2020-04-01: Add Reddit, change Rhinospike keyword from r to rs to avoid conflict with Reddit. Formatting change on Yahoo and Bing table rows to use newly-supported newlines
2020-03-19: Add links to related Vivaldi threads
2020-03-18: Add alternate language/country info. Also add more suggest and search URLs, including ones for Yahoo which unfortunately don’t work with Vivaldi as of 2.11.1811.47.
2020-02-28: Add info for customizing Qwant (like defaulting to Dark Mode), added Searx, and added additional search aggregations above.
2020-01-08: Add incorrect search engine from 2.10.1745.21
2019-12-19: Move “Comment” column to be first, since this forum doesn’t seem to support very wide tables.

Something caused my search suggestion engines to all get wiped out (this could have been me if I did it a few months ago and forgot). Anyway, figured while I’m adding everything back I might as well make a comprehensive list for my future reference and anyone else who might be interested. Now I only wish there were an easy way to import/export items from this list…

Note that in my table of engines below, the default Vivaldi engines are all first. The remaining search engines are organized in alphabetical order. Even though the “url” column is cut off, you can still triple click to select the entire line of the search/suggestion URLs.

Comment keyword name suggestUrl url
[Default] Comments on this Vivaldi blog post list as another option, but use the default URL to help financially support Vivaldi. Image Search URL:{bing:Referral}#enterInsights, Image Search POST Parameters: imageBin={google:imageThumbnailBase64} b Bing{language}{bing:Referral}
• [Obsolete] These URLs are previous official versions: before 6.1 before 4.3.2439.63
• [Obsolete] This URL was apparently mistakenly included in version 2.10.1745.21, and reverted in 2.10.1745.23 (see this blog post and its comments):
[Default] d DuckDuckGo
• [Obsolete] This URL is a previous official version:{ddg:Referral}
• [Obsolete] This URL is a previous official version: before 6.1
[Default] Suggest URL included by default in Vivaldi v3.0.1874.38 (was not included in older versions, reason is/was unknown) e Ecosia{ecosia:Referral_US}
• [Obsolete] This URL is a previous official version:
[Default] Vivaldi did not have a license to pre-package search suggestions from Google, see Vivaldi is not showing search suggestions in the address bar (Google provider). Another option is, but use the default URL to (maybe?) help financially support Vivaldi. Image Search URL:, Image Search POST Parameters encoded_image={google:imageThumbnail},image_url={google:imageURL},sbisrc={google:imageSearchSource},original_width={google:imageOriginalWidth},original_height={google:imageOriginalHeight} g Google {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}{google:prefetchSource}{google:sourceId}{google:contextualSearchVersion}ie={inputEncoding}
[Default] See prascal’s comment on changing the search url to include your favorite settings, e.g. dark mode. Removed as default search engine without an official reason starting with release version 3.0, but back in by 6.1 q Qwant
[Default] Suggest URL not included with Vivaldi, not sure why (fairly certain it was included in older versions). s Startpage.com
• [Obsolete] This URL was the previous official version (I noticed the change in 4.3.2439.63, but it probably happened earlier):
[Default] w Wikipedia
[Default] Thanks to replies from Barruel and Pathduck y Yahoo! •
• [Obsolete] This URL was the previous official version (I noticed the change in 4.3.2439.63, but it probably happened earlier):
[Default] Another option is, but use the default URL to help financially support Vivaldi ye Yelp
[Default] Thanks to JonesBones’ reply u You
Change https://smile. to https://www. to use regular Amazon instead of Amazon Smile a Amazon
Thanks to Useful custom searches for using with URLs ar View URL Snapshot
ba Balluff
bg BibleGateway
No HTTPS unfortunately bmn BugMeNot
Thanks to JonesBones’ reply br Brave
Not sure why, but favicon won’t load for this search for me c Craigslist
dk Digi-Key
No HTTPS unfortunately dc Discogs
eb eBay
Thanks to Pathduck’s reply, although I am unable to personally test it (I assume it is geo-restricted) finn Finn
gh GitHub
You must log in to GitHub to use this, otherwise you’ll get an error page. ghi GitHub Issues with Help Wanted
gr Goodreads
Thanks to zaibon’s reply ge Google Extensions and Themes from Chrome Web Store
gi Google Images
Uses regular Google completion, but prepends the text “map of” to the query. It works okay for places, countries, states, geographical regions and the like, but will not perform address search. gm Google Maps
gt Google Translate: Auto→En
Would be much more powerful if Useful custom searches for using with URLs were implemented gtj Google Translate: Jp→En
:prohibited: A suggest URL exists, but doesn’t currently work with Vivaldi. Thanks to zaibon’s reply and to zhuixinjian (not from Vivaldi forums) gp Google Play
Search for e.g. “i9-9900KS” to get CPU specifications ia Intel ARK (Automated Relational Knowledgebase)
ip Intel Product Search
imdb IMDB
j Jisho
k Kanji Koohii
li LinkedIn •
ma Marginalia Search
mm McMaster-Carr
:prohibited: A suggest URL exists, but doesn’t currently work with Vivaldi m Merriam-Webster Dictionary
:prohibited: A suggest URL exists, but doesn’t currently work with Vivaldi mt Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
Used to be a default Vivaldi engine but not as of Vivaldi 6.1 n
ne Neeva
p Plugged In{}&q=%s
:prohibited: Various suggest URLs exist, but none currently work with Vivaldi. See this post. r Reddit
rs Rhinospike (Japanese)
ra Rockwell Automation
See last paragraph of prascal’s post for setting this up, it’s intended for advanced users s Searx
si Siemens Industry Online Support
sif Siemens Industry Online Support Forums
sim Siemens Industry Mall
smcusa SMC USA
Both of the above URLs work
sp Spotify
se Stack Exchange
No HTTPS unfortunately sh SymbolHound
so Stack Overflow
su Super User
:prohibited: A suggest URL exists, but doesn’t currently work with Vivaldi. The region/itemsCount parameters are optional. Thanks to bizarro’s reply sc Swisscows •
Thanks to Pathduck’s reply t2 Torrentz2
ud Urban Dictionary
:prohibited: A suggest URL exists, but doesn’t currently work with Vivaldi. Thanks to Pathduck’s reply wa Wolfram Alpha
I cannot find an English-language suggest URL ya Yandex
Both suggest URLs work in Vivaldi, but return slightly different results. Unsure which is better or why two even exist. yt YouTube •
Search for e.g. “索” to see it written in many styles 文字拡大 moji

Alternate languages/countries for suggestUrl

Comment name Example suggestUrl
Both .com and mkt=1 are changed for the Japanese market as shown, but it’s unclear how to adjust these for other markets Amazon
After search?, add hl=languagecode& (see Supported Languages for hl parameter) and/or add gl=countrycode (see Supported Country Codes for gl parameter. See official docs on a different but related search. Google Images
See note for Google Images Google Play
Change www. to countrycode. Wikipedia
Add countrycode. prefix. Thanks to replies from Barruel and Pathduck Yahoo!
You would thinking changing .com to .ru or .ur would work, but all variants seem to return the same Russian search suggestions. Also, Turkey is strangely Yandex
See note for Google Images, also it appears one can change .com to .countrycode if desired YouTube

Alternate languages/countries for search URL

Comment name Example searchUrl
Change .com to .co.countrycode Amazon
Change .com to .co.countrycode and/or adjust in Cài đặt tìm kiếm Google
Change .com to .countrycode works for some, but Turkey is strangely Yandex

Many thanks to the Vimium project and Search, which helped me find these massive collections of search engines (far more than fit in my list) and sources for possible search engines:

Search Engine Inclusion Criteria
Search engines belong on this list if they are either:

  • Have any custom suggest URL (whether or not Vivaldi currently supports it), or
  • Are used by me personally

Here are a few urls you might want to add in case you want to have search suggestions (maybe you’ll need to turn this option on in Settings → Search → tick the box you like in “Allow Search Suggestions”

Note: You maybe need to adjust the urls to fit your language

Google Images:
The list is not mine I copied it a while back and added a few urls myself - so no guarantee that all urls still work.

If you have some more suggestion urls I’ll be glad to add them to my list.