Python For SEO processes

python for seo

A 16 part free course demonstrating all of the different ways that you can use Python to improve your SEO processes.


  • Basic Programming Skills (variables, for loops, if statements).
  • If you don’t have any programming experience, I would recommend completing this python programming course.
  • A willingness to learn packages, libraries & new methodologies.

Its time to level up your SEO game, so grab a :coffee: and get ready to start learning some more Python!

Every Lesson Can Be Found Under The PythonForSEO Section (within the main nav of! You can also find the YouTube content on the two following channels:

Course Content:


  1. Keyword De-duplication Techniques + Comparing Keyword Lists + Data Manipulation With Pandas + Stemming/Lemmatization With Pandas

Bulk Operations With CSV Files

  1. Combining Multiple CSV Files
  2. Deleting Files, Folders And Specific File Types

Google Cloud Platform Setup

  1. How To Setup A Google Cloud Project With Google Sheets API Activated

Google Sheets

  1. Google Sheets With Pygsheets & Pandas (How to read and write to google sheets in Python)


  1. How To Download Multiple Image URLs To Your Computer
  2. How To Compress Single & Multiple Images
  3. How To Resize & Compress Single & Multiple Images
  4. How To Convert Images To Newer Formats (.webp)

Screaming Frog Automation

  1. How Use Screaming Frog With The Command Line (Mac + Windows)
  2. How To Setup Screaming Frog In The Cloud (With Remote Desktop)

Web Scraping

  1. Web Scraping With Beautiful Soup
  2. How To Create A Asychronous Web Scraper In Python Using Aiohttp + Asyncio
  3. How To Easily Find All Of The Sitemap.xml Files On A Website
  4. How To Scrape Text From Multiple Web Pages
  5. How To Turn A .csv File Into A .json File

  • Bonus Content: How to prospect for local businesses (Google Maps) with Python
  • Bonus Content: Reddit API Harvesting questions from reddit API
  • Bonus Content: Web scraping Quora with Selenium
  • Bonus Content: How to curate all of the Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups for a specific niche with Python
  • Bonus Content: Automatically generate sentences / novels with GPT2

Useful Python Packages For AI Marketers

Useful Resources For AI Marketers


Useful APIs for Internal Data Pipelines & Internal Operations / Reporting

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